The spring is here! Finally!

The collective consciousness of our country feels refreshed and hopeful with the onset of spring. Part of this is normal with spring but 2021 is anything but normal.  With vaccinations continuing at a faster pace than forecast, this spring is even more hopeful as we collectively look to the end of the pandemic and breath a bit of a sigh of relief.

The Spring brings us blooms of bright and vibrant color. Yearly we can enjoy the marvelous cherry blossoms in our nation’s capital. Daffodils, tulips, irises, forsythia, azaleas, peonies and all the beautiful spring flowers bring smiles to our faces.  My spring designs draw from seasonal flowers.  To celebrate the spring and cherry blossoms year round, Ampa has purchase “live touch” silk cherry blossom branches and stems for a number of products used for decorating.  

Here are some of our Cherry Blossom Products.


For all your outdoor event needs call Ampa. Ampa has colorful cafe tables and chairs, event decorating for safe distancing, stage rentals for galas, fundraisers, ceremonies and concerts. If you need help planning with your next event give us a call today at 804-358-5451.

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