How to Make Stunning Statements with Linens, Flowers and Lighting!

What a lovely design with a wintery motif.  I love using Hydrangeas.  There is something fun about their soft puffiness. As the principle Buyer for Ampa Evens, I have been shopping at all of the design shows for the past 25 years.  Years ago, I bought dozens of Ampa’s tall and dramatic Hurricane candle holders.  Our set of 5 Hurricanes Candle Holders creates a stunning room with the tallest making a statement at 22” tall.  With or without floral arrangements, they are fun.  I like mixing linens and chair covers in various combinations.  My friend for over 15 years, Jennifer, at DC Rental is my go to for lavish linens.  DC Rental also give me a large variety of China, Flatware and Glassware to design with to finish off a fantastic tablescape.

Photo by @janetwarlic

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