About Ted the Wedding Planner

Ted Rubis has over 30 years of experience designing events, building props and scenery, working with drape treatments and fabrics, installing intricate theatrical lighting designs, and managing the details of technical services such as audio video, electrical and logistics. Rock solid in theater arts, technical theater, carpentry, painting, and lighting – he is more than a wedding planner.

“Asking Stephanie to marry me and celebrating the marriage sacrament was the single most important act of my adult life. There isn’t a day that passes where my memories of our Big Fat Greek Wedding give me warm fuzzies. When designing weddings and receptions, if the work I do in bringing your dream to life also helps you with lasting warm fuzzies, then I will have truly accomplished something spectacular!”

"Thank you for considering me as your planner and for the privilege of giving me the opportunity to be creative on your behalf."

What is Your Speciality?

Our grandparents came over from Greece around 1911, so of course one of my specialties is the Big Fat Greek Wedding! Working in the event industry for over 30 years, my repertoire of designs is quite extensive. I have always loved greenery. So, I’ve been buying boxwood hedges and topiaries for over 20 years, long before the recent trends. I love designing centerpieces with two heights having 50% tall and short or a non-floral centerpiece such as floating candles, candle stems or lanterns. Rustic Chic is super easy with the materials I have collected for Ampa over the years. Equally, dreamy programs with massive amounts of sheer drape, specialty tables, bars and furniture are exciting for me.  

Fun Facts about Ted:

  • I usually get a funny look when people find out that I am a pharmacist! Many ask how I got into events?  I was involved in creative projects before school. I was also creative with my chemistry set as a kid and blew up my parent’s basement. See! Chemistry is creative, too!  (During Covid, this is been immeasurably helpful in guiding my company and helping others)
  • Love gardening – hate weeds
  • Love cooking.  Stephanie, my wonderful wife, jokingly boasts: “…you won me with you cooking and now that we are married, you forgot how to cook!”
  • Favorite drink: Southern Sweet Tea with plenty of fresh lemon
  • Favorite cocktail: Jim Beam on the Rocks for Fall and Winter; Piña coladas and refreshing tropical drinks for Spring and Summer
  • With meals – properly paired wines
  • Favorite desserts – tiramisu and crème brûlée (How can you have just one favorite dessert?)
  • Love, Love, Love Coffee – especially coffee with chicory, cream, and sugar
  • Favorite listening music: Jazz classics, New Orleans Jazz, Blues
  • Favorite dance music:  Love to dance and to everything from swing & rock to the Commodores, Etta James, B-52s, Beyonce, and OutKast….
  • Raised in Richmond, VA I was taught to be and conduct myself as a southern gentleman – proper, and a bit formal
  • Love swimming, hiking, the outdoors, the beach – boogie boarding & building sandcastles with my kids!
  • Love working with my hands, carpentry, and making things look beautiful.


It is hard for me to identify one specialty. After all, as the owner of Ampa Events, I am the primary buyer and designer/fabricator of the bulk of our inventory. All of our inventory and the hundreds of motifs designed over the past three decades are special to me. So, part of my specialty is as I am an instant source of creative ideas in a myriad of designs and styles.


Lighting is a passion. I have designed with every theatrical fixture and I know them all intimately – their use, the type and texture of lighting they emit and the proper application of each fixture. The right fixture is oh so important! Lighting is transformative. I have used it to bring forward a color scheme or monochromatically in a soft illuminating color palette for appropriate levels of lighting to dine and celebrate.


When it comes to design periods, I am especially fond of the Art Deco movement in architecture and impressionist artists although as I age I have a newfound appreciation for renaissance art. Being well traveled internationally as well as having an education strong in a liberal arts foundation, a degree in pharmacy and subsequent work in business school studying finance, accounting, and marketing, I like to think I bring a truly well-rounded, worldly, approach to a client.

“I love bringing glamour to events in unique venues and remote locations such as cleaning out a historic wood barn in the mountains, or installing a tent in the lowcountry of a river estate.”

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Skill Set and Experience as a Wedding Planner

I hope my education, life experiences, travels, knowledge, professional experience, carpentry, lighting, design, love of music, and creativity give you confidence in me as a wedding planner.

My Skills and Years of Experience are on Your Side.

Frequently Asked Questions

I often get the question, “what if…?” in one form or another. I am practical. Life is not perfect, but “the show must go on…”. For Example: we arrived at the hotel at 6am on the dot for our load in, but the freight elevator was broken! Uuugh! With advance planning, we always have additional time in our schedule for surprises. Our muscles were aching the next morning. We used the stairs. The family was never aware of any hitch.

Yes. Throughout the rivers of Virginia and Maryland, family farms and on historic estates. Everything must be planned for, including electrical services and how best to support catering and more.

I will be glad to travel to you. In 30 years, I have produced events as far north as Boston, several programs on the west coast, Chicago, New Orleans, Texas, and South Carolina. I would love to produce your wedding in Miami Beach or on a warm tropical island anytime from January to March to escape the winter cold 🙂 Destination services are no different than local services – just a bit more planning. I do suggest getting started much earlier when planning a destination wedding. Contract your planner a couple years ahead and apply for your passports.

Yes, Ampa Events is a full service event design and production company that provides Full service design and fabrication in our scenic shop. Our scene shop is best described as a traditional theatre type scene shop. We build props and scenery, custom signage, scenic painting, carpentry, countertops, furniture, displays and so much more.

I have been in business for 25 years, this has never occurred. While planning, we keep frequent communications with vendors and have rigorous follow-up calls and discussions regarding installation. With equipment arriving early and in some cases the day before the event, planning is the precautionary steps we take to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

My company, Ampa Events, has been installing large programs in the small boutique Hotels and narrow alleyways of corporate buildings in the DC Metro area and throughout the mid-Atlantic region for a very long time. We understand challenging installations. We do everything we can to cut down on the number of trucks by consolidating orders into fewer trucks. Boutique locations require coordinated staffs of installation professionals. We planned in advance for success.